Roberts, Stevens & Prendergast

Roberts, Stevens & Prendergast, PLLC,  has been serving downtown Waterloo, and its legal needs, for over 17 years. Carter Stevens and Jay Roberts founded the firm under the guiding principles of representing and advocating for clients’ needs. 

The firm has steadfastly maintained its desire to represent anyone when a problem arises or a legal need presents itself. We have continued to represent the interests of people and matters involving workers’ compensation, personal injury, family law, and criminal defense, as well as maintain a thriving representation of cities in northeast Iowa.

We have always been a smaller firm, and we enjoy the direct client contact and casual atmosphere that it creates. We have always been located on East 4th Street in Waterloo and continue to support the revitalization efforts of downtown Waterloo and its patrons.

Although Jay passed away in 2011, his legacy and devotion to clients lives on in our continued passionate advocacy on behalf of our clients.

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